Procrastination and fear


I don’t know how to explain this situation to you. You think your life is not going anywhere, you accomplished nothing today, so you decide to do something with it.(Because in long run we will all be dead and you wanna be able to say that you did something with your life in your younger years).

So you think what think what to do with your life and when you really think about it you begin to panic because other people your age accomplished so many things and you are stuck with nothing. Like in my case its ok, we will handle one thing at a time. I will firs focus on my education, get my grades up. So i open my books take one long look at it and ….. here’s how my thought process goes

  1. Oh! shit! this looks tough.I cant understand a word of it. what am i gonna do ……. i am going to fail… 😥 But wait I can’t give up. Ok we will start studying today But first let’s check the Internet…

  2. DAMN!!!! People do live a good life. I wish my life was like theirs. OK what do i need to do make my life like theirs….Right oh yes… I need money… I need a job … I need to study hard 😥

  3. So I am going start studying from today and also write blogs.*Make an account on wordpress feels too lazy to write … gives up*……….BUT I DID EVERYTHING IN MY POWER 😦  *cries in a corner*

  4. *thinks* what is the meaning of life ??? what is the point of life???               *wastes 2 hours* Sigh!! guess I can’t figure out life. *Takes a look at the pile of books* I gotta arrange them too. I have so much work to do but first I must write  a post.💪(I am going to do it).

  5. *thinks* But what do i write about…Oh yes procrastination !                         *wastes another half an hour looking through google images for a image to use.*  What if those images are copyrighted…..OK I am not going to use a google image.*then wastes another half an hour looking through the right emoji(see above) to use (trues story by the way)* 

  6. *writes a very mediocre post*






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