Lack of discipline

Why….. why…. Why do I always say to my self that I will be more disciplened today but I  never come closer to accomplishing things that I wanted to do???
I had promised myselfI that I  will waste lesser time in social media and more time reading my books ,learning to code, writing something .. hell even reading something valuable on internet (like internet security )…. than every morning I wake up late … and its the same process… then I begin to stress  out ,how am I going to accomplish anything ??? Sighh !!! 

I guess  I will have to stop trying to accomplish so many thing and focus on dew things and actually do something this time. And I have to be honest with my self  …. I can lie to myself telling my self that I did everything (which I may not have done ..)   but statistics don’t lie … and that I did not accomplish anything productive ….
I have to strive for better tomorrow ..
Good night .


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