Train Of thoughts

I had not written anything in the past few days and I see myself falling into this pattern where I would set out to do something and then I would just give up after a while. And this is interesting,see, I give up not because I already have failed but because I simple have already decided that I might not be good enough. Sigh! And as this post goes on, I have noticed that I tend to write in vague terms and although I don’t have many readers , this can be very annoying. One of my friends in the past week said that if I really wanted to have a larger audience then I need to improve the quality of my writing and that I need to  write about more positive things.

And she was right but here’s the thing. The moment I begin to think through what I am going to write, my writings begin to seem unauthentic( I know it sounds very pretentious but i had rather write first edit later than do it other way round. See this is how my mind thinks, I might be thinking about something then my train of thoughts would be interrupted by other thoughts and I would begin o think about something else.

Which brings me to the question–

why not write then edit and then publish instead of writing then publishing and then editing. And the answer to this question is motivation or in this case a lack  of it. See, if I were to write something and then edit, chances are I might lose interest halfway through the process. Now on the other hand if I were to publish it first I will definitely make corrections to the published post out of embarrassment because now I got a whole lot of other people reading my thoughts and probably going

Damn! Too many errors in this person’s thoughts.

Anyway, I have decided not to post about my life goals because as it turns out the more I tell other people about my life goals the less motivated I feel about accomplishing my goals.

Anyway to the person who is reading …. keep fighting!!!!and Never give up.



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  1. Whenever you want to cry you have to cry because when you cry at the same time you understand why are you crying and what you have to do that all will be alright so just don’t cry relief yourself and feel what are you doing and what you have to do and what you actually want to do. .

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