Me right now

This is stupid. I am absolutely disgusted by myself. I waste all day looking at my bloody smart phone screen getting jealous of everyone ……EVERYONE…about things I don’t have control over. It’s annoying. Why is everyone younger than me, why does everyone have more friends than me, why do I live such a shitty life… and WHY THE BLOODY HELL MY AUTOCORRECT CHANGES “LIFE” TO “LOVE”.

Why am I dumber than everyone…. I used be a  smart kid. Why is the WEATHER SO HOT. I don’t even know if I spelled weather right. One of my friend once said ,” Listen if you want your blog to be popular you have to positive things”

Well… I can’t write positive if I don’t feel positive .

*sarcasm mode on*

I have come to the conclusion reading any political news in general is bad for my health. Nothing ever good come out of it and my mind only magnifies the fear and problem that don’t exist around me. 

But I am sick of my life. My obsession with book series “A song of Ice and Fire ” led me to scour Reddit for more and more fan theories, thus wasting more time and focussing less in my life. And my misery is heightened by the fact that Robb Stark could have lived if that idiot hadn’t broken that marriage contract.
At this point I don’t even know what I am ranting about.

It’s 13:57 in afternoon and I am on a bus. It’s hot as the interiors of a pressure cooker and I am angry.

Sorry I meant hungry.
To quote Dolores Edd

“Your boat’s not like to sink, I don’t think . Boats only sink when I’m aboard.”


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