Tell You Something?

I have to tell you something. Can i say it? I don't know if I should say it or not. God this is difficult..... Ok listen up .. it's nothing less than a confession, alright. Here we go... *deep breathes* I am starting to forget my high school! There I said.. Judge me all you... Continue Reading →



“Your boat’s not like to sink, I don’t think . Boats only sink when I’m aboard."

Train Of thoughts

I had not written anything in the past few days and I see myself falling into this pattern where I would set out to do something and then I would just give up after a while. And this is interesting,see, I give up not because I already have failed but because I simple have already decided that... Continue Reading →

Alone in class

I am not quite sure of what am I gonna write. Its 12:46 in afternoon and here I am sitting alone in an empty classroom. I am earlier than the scheduled class , I might as well take a picture of the empty class room before it gets filled with chatter of students. Ok! Now... Continue Reading →

Lack of discipline

And I have to be honest with my self  .... I can lie to myself telling my self that I did everything (which I may not have done ..)   but statistics don't lie ... and that I did not accomplish anything productive ....

Procrastination and fear

So you think what think what to do with your life and when you really think about it you begin to panic because other people your age accomplished so many things and you are stuck with nothing.

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